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Made to deliver higher sales & marketing productivity

Manage all your lead in one centralized dashboard. Track and score leads, view lead history, create quotation, Invoice, and more.

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CRM Software built for high velocity sales

Accelerate your revenue with the power of sales execution and automation

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Made to deliver higher sales & marketing productivity

Join 100+ marketing and sales users growing with Gobizcrm

Sales Execution + CRM

Our lead management software will help manage the sales leads and manage your customer base. The CRM can be integrated with the other systems you use.

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Marketing Automation

With the easy and quick setup, our lead management software will integrate with all existing marketing channels thus letting you launch campaigns easily and optimizing performance.

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Lead + Sales Conversion

We capture leads and create customized sales activities that can nurture the leads and in turn convert them into the target customers.

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What can I do with Gobizcrm?
Increase your sales team's efficiency by guiding them of the next best step to take

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Leads Capture

With the best lead management CRM, all the lead informants can be captured and tracked

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Lead Online

All the leads can be captured effectively via online channels and converted into customers

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Lead Offline

Offline leads can be captured and tracked in one place

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Leads Distribute

By automating the lead distribution process, specific rule-based allocation applied according to prerequisite

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Qualify and Prioritize

Based on the action and behavior of the lead, each of them can be qualified and prioritized

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Next best step

The sales team can be organized by instructing them onthe next best step in the sales cycle

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Regimented followup

Make sure that the salesperson does a proper follow up in accordance with test automation

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Create Quotation

Create effective quotes that offer a flexible lead management system to customers

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Sales Order

Generate maximum sales and track all the activities which result in increased revenue

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Catch sales signals

Catch the sales Signals from all the available channels and identify the leads that are sales-ready.

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Spot up-sell signals

Identify existing clients for finding the cross-sell and the up-sell opportunities

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Manage Sales Pipeline

Leads movement gets fastened up in the sales pipeline by removing repetitive layers

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Custom reporting

The reports can be customized for effective tracking and maintaining of leads

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Dashboards & Reports

All leads can be managed in one place with a single dashboard and customized reporting

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Email & Landing Page

Easily send emails and landing pages and convert all leads into customers

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Real-time Alerts

Get the alerts in real-time with the automated reporting and be aware of what’s going on

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Increase your sales team's efficiency by guiding them of the next best step to take

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